CATIE Introductory Training

Course Description: This course will give you an overview of the processes, features, and functions directly related to CATIE. The areas will include the following:

  • Offline processes and techniques
    • Device inventory methods
    • Case encryption/decryption
    • Handling external data
  • Online processes and techniques
    • Recording using Windows
    • Advanced screen capturing
    • Tracking Tools
  • Real-Time Investigations
    • Covert SMS
    • Using LMS
    • Adding data to Maps
  • Completing a case in under 30 minutes.
  • Report generating for court use

Course Length:Classroom training lasts 4 hours which includes a Course Evaluation form (completed after the classroom presentations).


When: TBA

Where: TBA


CATIE Basic and Premium Editions Training

Course Description:   Welcome to Basic training for the CATIE®.  This course will teach you how to utilize the CATIE software application to its full extent.  Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Effectively use the Custom Online Profiles to gain the edge over your targets.
  2. Use your video recording windows (PUPs) to capture more than one window.
  3. Use Frame Extractions on running video recording windows.
  4. Managing and changing your CATIE access password.
  5. How CATIE stores case evidence.
  6. Perform screen captures by adding color borders, short codes, and time factors automatically to each capture.
  7. Capture keystrokes on selective applications while still being able to use other applications.
  8. Generate a Report using CATIE's custom engine.
  9. Perform DOS traces and quickly add the results to your report.
  10. Testify in court using your report.

Course Length: Classroom training lasts 6 hours which includes a Course Evaluation and Competency Test that are completed after the classroom presentations.

Fee: TBD

When: TBA

Where: For 2015, we have identified the following cities: Atlanta (GA), Denver (CO), Los Angeles (CA), Dallas (TX), and New York (NY). Check back often for dates and times.

Prerequisites:  A basic understanding of DOS commands, Windows familiarity.

Who Should Attend:  This training is only available to law enforcement officers who routinely perform computer forensics or cybercrime including supervisors who manage the same.

Benefits to You:  Completion of the classroom training assist you in gaining valuable knowledge about CATIE in order to build confidence in testifying in court.

Contact: For questions, requesting more information, facilitate training at your agency, or to inquire about becoming an instructor, please contact us.