With 25+ years business experience, the highly skilled team and infrastructure behind Silent Shield is recognized worldwide for providing cost effective, technologically advanced, solutions and training exclusively for law enforcement personnel, military operations and governmental agencies. Keeping budgets in mind, our products and services offer real, valuable solutions and deliver real, measurable results, even as rapidly as technology changes, at reasonable prices for all our clients.

Our team is founded on unyielding ethics, integrity, and professionalism and consists of unprecedented skill sets. Our team draws upon a wealth of experience in technology research and development, law enforcement and military service, computer programming, strategic process design and implementation, and training facilitation to consistently develop real, cost effective, solutions for the circumstances and challenges our clients face…today and in the future. Silent Shield is committed to nothing less than the quest for excellence, the pursuit of justice and the proactive protection of the innocent.

Silent Shield, aptly named, is the “go-to” organization you can trust to use as your silent partner. Bottom line…Our mission is to proactively empower every level of law enforcement, military personnel, military operations, and governmental agency throughout the world by providing strategic planning services, innovative software applications and hardware devices, and training. To discover more about Silent Shield, please visit our website at