Built right into CATIE - a Case management process that keeps your data safe and easy to get to.

The go-to place for working your cases. From starting videos to screen captures...CATIE's ICC does the work for you.

A method to encrypt your conversation between other Agents.

CATIE's video creation consists of some of the most common formats such as avi, mpg, and mp4. Although the frame rate is set, some of the features include watermarking your videos, text overlay, custom sizing, and many others.

CATIE's Screen Capturing is built for online and offline investigations. Unlike other screen capturing software applications, CATIE automatically adds elements related to your cases. In addition, CATIE's Screen Capturing will automatically place the image into your case folder keeping files organized and ready for your report For more information, please click here.

Need to grab the IP address data and add it to your report? Need to find the owner of a website and perform a lookup on the information? Do you want to add a map with the IP address to your report? Check out the latest tracking tools offered by CATIE.

Working more than one case at a time? CATIE can handle multiple instances which increases your number of cases you can complete. If your license has 5 recording video windows, each instance allows you to use 5 recording video windows for each case. For more information, please click here.

QuickStart helps you quickly activate a new case. Using default values, QuickStart will automatically open the ICC with the basic information completed and the correct tools ready to go. For more information, please click here.

Need to inventory the contents of a digital device? Or to connect to a second computer for video recording? How about Advanced Mapping? Read about our additional modules for CATIE.