OnLine Investigations surrounds the ever increasing need to go to the Internet or to use a specific program in order to gather information that may be in violation of some of the following crimes:
  • Online Identity and Benefit Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Child Exploitation
  • Financial Fraud (such as Internet gambling)
  • Digital Fraud (Bitcoin)
  • Commercial Fraud Counter-proliferation Investigations
  • Narcotics Trafficking
  • Illegal Imports & Exports
  • Email Tracking
  • Social Media Tracking and Collecting
  • CyberStalking and Harassment
  • Intrusion Tracking and Collecting
If you're still using software that wasn't intended to do online criminal investigations, its time to move into the 21st century. CATIE can expand your arsenal to do all of the above.


Offline tools are already part of your utility belt. Programs like EnCase, FTK, X-Ways, and a plethora of many others programs are committed to locating and extracting your offline data. But how do they protect the data after its extracted?
  • Can you deliver case data on to a single disc to the Prosecutor with a single click?
  • Can you perform matching key terms from your online investigations to seized data?
  • Can you conduct a hashing report and quickly add results to your case?
  • Are you scrambling to find solutions to provide other Agents with encrypted versions of your data and reports?
  • Can your same programs allow you to quickly add offline data to your online data and generate a report which is ready for court?
Using standard forensic software to generate reports, lack of methods to properly inventory your seized evidence, or inability to preserve your case data is equal to only doing a case 1/2 complete. Protect and present with one click!


Communication using drop phones is outdated. Using agency supplied cellphones can open your other communications with suspects to defense. With CATIE’s covert communications system you allow CATIE’s processes to keep your other information secure and directly related to your case.
  • Send and receive covert communications with over 470,000 suspects.
  • Permit other Agents to join in the communications while they remain anonymous.
  • Sync inbound and outbound messages with your covert cellphone to your case database.
  • Short codes available to make communication fast and easy.
  • Apple's IOS, Android, and BlackBerry supported!
  • Quickly add messages to your report with no extra equipment.
  • Add our Link Media Service to your covert SMS and gain a wealth of additional information.
Real-Time communication using CATIE will put you back in charge of your case. Using agency provided cellphones is risky. Get back in charge and remove the risk. Real-Time communication will release your time that old methods require you to sit in the chair waiting for the suspect to answer your communcations.