videos Tracking Simplified:
  • CATIE can perform some of your favorite DOS commands all from CATIE's Interactive Command Center. Instead of leaving one application and starting a second application just to look up the IP you're tracking, CATIE's Interactive Command Center gives you the results faster and allows adding the details to your report appear completely seamless!
videos Custom Online Profiles:
  • CATIE allows you to creater and modify online profiles to provide you with a complete review of what information you're passing to the offender. This information can be modified countless times so you can make the profile fit your investigations.
videos Map and Tack:
  • CATIE can map the information you've tracked to provide you a basis for your location of where the offender may be located. Adding the map to your case folder is quick and easy!
videos Quick and Effective Reports:
  • CATIE has the ability to create reports from the data by providing the following formats: PDF, RTF, and HTML. A basic template is used to generate a professional report from your investigation. The basic template can be modified with very simple tools most computers have built in.
videos Email Parsing Made Easy:
  • Add the email header to CATIE, click a button, and presto! Your header is reviewed and can be added to your case file. Tracking the IP address found in the header can be pasted in the Tracking Tools section for a quick map.
videos Expansion Modules:
  • CATIE has a number of modules to give you the lead in your investigation. Adding covert SMS, using Link Media Services (LMS), and the Prosecutor's Package are all ready for you when you think you need to increase your tools!