videosMultiple Video Recording:
  • Are you limited to capturing only one window at a time? CATIE has the ability to capture up to 12 applications for every single running instance and create videos or perform frame extractions from those 12 applications within a single running copy of CATIE. Using CATIE's customizable PUP windows allows you to wrap around the application you intend to capture. Most other applications require you to "plug into" the other application, which forces you to upgrade their product more frequently when the product you intend to capture changes its interface. Additional video capture windows are available and can be added to your license.
  • Multiple formats including - AVI, MEPG, MP4, and WMV.
  • Apply watermarks, custom text, frame counters, and many other items to each video created or frame extracted - automatically or manually. Font changes and placement changes can also be used!
Screen Captures:
  • Tired of capturing a single instance of related evidence only to discover later you needed more frames of that window? CATIE has the ability to perform screen captures (Region, Active Window, or Entire Desktop) and label each capture with up to 2 lines of custom text. Some of the custom text fields include: %Date: Records the date, %Time: Records the time, %Case#: Records the case number, and %Offender: Records the offenders name. In addition to using pre-recorded custom fields, you can also type whatever text you think you need to best describe the image your capturing.
  • Adjust the timer for a variation of the capture times so that you can capture sections of a video or if you need to move to another section of your desktop without restarting the process.
Backend Support:
  • Simple, yet powerful. CATIE includes a complete database to maintain your online profiles, your target's information, and your status related to each case. The Basic and Premium version include an Access equivalent database that can optionally connect to Microsoft's SQL server or Oracle. The Enterprise version comes equip with all 3 connections.
Cutting-Edge Key Logging:
  • Using Notepad to copy and paste your conversation related to your investigation? CATIE has the ability to perform key logging so you can recall exactly what you typed and reduces your actions from the mundane parts of evidence collecting. This information can later be used to investigate a hard drive using FieldSearch or for expediting your reports.
  • Record the name of the programs you're using and each time you pause or restart the process - automatically! No need to stop and take time to remember what you stopped or started. CATIE is keeping up with all your actions.
  • Filter with log you need added to your case by selecting only the ones you want to add.
Strong Encryption to Protect Your Data:
  • Using some the best methods available and adding some of our exclusive functions, CATIE allows you to drag and drop your external data into any case folder. Then followed up with a quick one form activator, CATIE will encrypt the data that keeps unauthorized individuals from seeing your information.
  • Each case permits you to import everything from pictures, videos, web pages, and even documents.
Case Sharing with other Agents:
  • Allow CATIE to quickly and effectively pass case data to other Agents using our custom encryption process. When you're ready to hand the case to another Agent, CATIE will also create a Chain of Custody with all of the details related to the case.
  • Selectable data can optionally include all of the data, or only parts of the case, each built on a case-by-case basis.
Built-In HASH Generating
  • CATIE can selectively generate HASH values of either partial files or complete files to each case. Generate either CRC-32, MD5, SHA160, SHA256, SHA384, or SHA512.
  • After Hashing the files selected, add the information in your report with a simple click.