CATIE: Tracking IP Addresses

Standard IP Tracking

If you need an IP traced, you simply add the IP address to the tracking box and CATIE will bring the information directly to you! Once you determine the value of the information, click the "Add to Report" button and the information is instantly added to your case. Your license includes a near unregulated number of traces you can perform.

Add additional commands

Adding Additional Tools

If the standard commands are not what you need, you can all additional tracking methods by editing the advanced XML file. Shown above includes a short list that CATIE can perform that are outside the normal traces.

Tracking using Advanced Lookups

Advanced Tracking Commands

Show in the screen above, CATIE can run traces on IP Addresses related to websites. As in the standard screen, you can quickly add this to your report with a single click.

Getting a Map for IP

Adding a Map to your traces

Adding a Map to your case just got easier. Once the IP returns, adding a map similar to below can be achieved when you click the check box "Display Map". A full featured map will show up and you can decide to add it to your case data or not.

Display Map

Interactive Map

Shown above is a map after the IP address was looked up. Adding the image to your case is as simple as checking "Add to Case Folder" and CATIE will prepare the map for you.