The Interactive Command Center (aka ICC form) is where most of your interaction with the subject is. From here, you have five areas to used. Each area is outline below:


Zone 1: Profiles

Used to keep up with your case's undercover persona. Assign differnt personas to different cases.

Zone 2: Online Tracking Tools

From simple DOS commands to IP details. Easy to add results to your report. Custom commands can be added.

Zone 3: Keylogging your keystrokes

Record your keystrokes. Great for undercover chat cases. Only record the applications or tabs you want to record. Works on all types of applications.

Zone 4: Screen, Window, or Custom Captures

Automatically perform screen captures and store each capture to each case with just a simple set of keys you assign - automatically.

Zone 5: Video Recording

Perform multiple video captures of any portion of any application. Each recording window can be adjusted to fit perfectly to the area you're recording. Recording Formats: Avi, Mpeg, Wmf