Simultaneous Video Recording Windows37712
Number of Active Cases50100125Unlimited
Number of Running Instances2335
Unlimited Faux Profiles
Special Screen Capturing
Application Key Logging
Video Playback
Forensic Suite
Backup/Restore with Archiving
Case Encryption and Decryption
Case Transfer In / Out
Reference Libraries
Hashing Case Files
Custom Keyword Exports
Custom DOS Tools
Agent to Agent ChatN/A
Advanced IP Tracing
Additional Modules
Advanced IP TracingExtra Running InstancesExtra Investigative CasesForensic Suite
*Covert SMS*Covert LMSNetwork PUP™External Data Encryption
Prosecutor's Package™Activity MonitoringComputer MonitoringExtra Running PUPs
= Available at an additional cost.
* = Requires custom cellphone service through Silent Shield, LLC. Please contact support for additional details.