Fast report generation is nothing...if the report is nothing more than a conversion from your Word or Word Perfect document into PDF. Fast reporting is nothing if the process takes several minutes to find where you stored files that you'd like to include in your report. These are just 2 obstacles that are easy to overcome with CATIE.

Once you complete your written report, just drag the file into your CATIE case report and CATIE will do the report. The file will automatically be converted into a PDF and when you decide to burn your case to a CD or DVD, the report follows.

What about the tens of pictures or several videos I have in this case? What happens to them?  What used to take several minutes is now reduced to seconds. After the picture has been captured, its placed in the case folder. CATIE has been programmed to look in the folder and place two (2) pictures in each page of your final report. The videos are treated in a similar manner…except the video properties are evaluated and are added to the report (as shown).

This helps the Prosecutor to see what the size of the video is and what might be the best player for it. The actual videos are then burned to the CD or DVD for playback.  On average, out report generating will allow you to reduce your report prep time from 30 minutes to a mere 3 minutes!