Inventory Module has been designed to quickly and effectively review devices for matching elements found in a propriety database. This database is populated by using a custom interface we've built specifically for the type of cases you conduct. Once a match is found, either by hash values or file name, the Inventory Module will color code your results for faster identifying files of interest. Below are screen captures to give you an overview to how this module can save you countless hours!
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  • Inventory Module - Startup

    Starting the Process: Inventory Module allows you add case related information to the header of each device. From here, you can add the evidence number, a 255-character description, and you
  • Select a Device

    Select either a physical device, a logical device, or even a folder.
  • Select your Hash Values

    Inventory Module comes equipped with multiple HASH formulas. You can select more than one, too.
  • Select your Terms

    Embedded in our startup database are the majority search terms you could in just about any case you start.
  • Run and Discover your matches

    Matches in RED are matches to files stored in the data you're examining. Matches in BLUE are files that matched your key terms.
  • Pre-Final Report

    A preview of your report is available - quickly. This allows you to see if the evidence requires futher examination.
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