Often we’d hear that an agent engaged into a chat conversation with a subject and at the same time – was screen recording a section of a website. In between both actions, the agent needed to open his notes to document more about the subject.  The screen recording window captured his notes and as a result had to delete the compelling video.

With CATIE you chose the processes. You select when to capture your key strokes and what area of your screen. If you have multiple monitors, CATIE can be directed to capture only the portion of a selected monitor.

You can have multiple sessions of the same program (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or even LimeWire) and direct CATIE into capturing only what you type for a single process.

With keylogging – your information can now be captured, exported into a PDF, HTML, or even Rich Text Format, and added to your report.   The “words” you typed can also be extracted and used to search the suspect’s devices after you’ve seized them.