Understanding NetPUP: NetPUP, short for Network Pop Up Program, is used to spread your video recording needs across your network. When you initiate a NetPUP connection, NetPUP goes to work. Recording your video just like the recording PUPs from CATIE, except when the command to STOP is issued, the recorded video automatically is placed in your case folder - no matter where in your network your case folder resides. Below are some of the highlights to this module:
  • With NetPUP, you can use those old computers to help capture the information you need.  An encrypted passcode ties your main computer together with the other computers makes the connect secure.
  • With NetPUP it doesn't affect your license to run PUPs on your main computer.
  • With Remote Control...either from sending SMS or sitting at the local network, you can stop and start the PUP.
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  • NetPUP Preparing Network Connection: This stage is checking your network for the master command - CATIE.exe.
  • NetPUP Issue Passcode: You control the passcode and its syncing with the NetPUP to verify your connection.
  • NetPUP Successful Login: Once connected, NetPUP is under your control to stop or start video recording, which can be done remotely.
  • NetPUP Connected: The computer at the top is the main computer – which is communicating with the other two computers. Both second computers are running NetPUP.
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